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Title: We are moving - Join us at the new forum
Post by: macthekat on October 15, 2009, 08:02:13 am

We are moving - Join us at the new forum

We are closing this forum, but only to start a new beginning somewhere else!

We have had many good times at this forum so we are sad to let it go. But we are also excited about getting a fresh start at a new site.

Join us at the new site where you will find both our forum and (shortly) the rest of the magazine!

The new possibilities:
- A new domain, making it easier to find the magazine
- More web server space
- A fresh start with the forum that is cleaned up and more logical
- No advertising on the forum!
- The possibility of a shout box
- and a number of small features that you will probably not notice, but are important for the way the forum is run

Do you aspire to be a great sims interior designer but feel intimidated by the high standard of work/photos/applications you see. Well, we have created a challenge especially for you. We want to help you feel confident enough to show off your work! So we have created a Beginner's Challenge, where you will find all the help and advice you will need to express your passion for design!


Join the new forum today! (

PS: We ask you not to post on the old forum, but to take all activity with you to the new forum, though the old forum will stay online as an archive