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Title: Update
Post by: macthekat on September 11, 2009, 04:05:36 am
Forum news
  • We are working hard on getting issue 12 ready for publishing and it will be out around the 20th September
  • We got a new challenge open. Check out Lakeside Living (,1744.0.html)
  • We are looking for a writer for the magazine, so if you think you got the time and talent, please apply for the job. You do not have to be a perfect speller, we got proofreaders who help your text become the best it can be. If you like to write and know a little bit about interior design, then we would welcome you onto the team.
  • We plan to once again award the best forum photographs, so if you have some you want to share, go ahead and post them on the forum
  • Right now we are streamlining the forum so that all rules are updated and collected within one sticky in each sub-area, so please read the stickies again, if they have the tag new
  • Welcome Leesester our new Head of Advertising and Carrie is Gnarly our new Assistant head Proofreader and our new Assistant Cheif Editor Simsartgallery. They will all help get the magazine organised again, so we are able to get issues out a bit quicker