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Author Topic: Layout  (Read 417 times)
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« on: October 20, 2008, 04:20:49 am »

To become a layouter for Living Sims you will have to prove that you can do a ok layout on your own - we will help you become better, but you need some basic skills. Please do the task posted below and post it in your application topic.

Do a layout for the magazine using the recourses posted below. This is the same task as the graphic challenge task btw.

You have up to 4 pages to play with - that means that your maximum work area is: 2x 1000x670 pixels (one page is 500x670 pixels)
- You can use as many or as few of the pictures as you want
- You have to use all the text
- You have to come up with a headline
- Your body text has to be a san-serif font 12 pt
- You may crop the pictures how-ever you want
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« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2008, 04:21:02 am »


Do you base most of your house designs and interiors on your countries style?
Not really, no. I just design to how I think the sim who will live there would want it, and to their tastes etc. I don't often design rooms/houses etc simply for show; I play every house I make eventually.

Your pictures show a lot of variety, modern, traditional and a bit in between, but what is your favourite style?
I like both! I love stark modern design, but also the look of a row of beautiful Victorian townhouses, or a soft cosy living room. I think almost every style of house or interior has elements of beauty, so why limit yourself! I also like to combine styles, makes for some interesting rooms indeed.

What are your favourite colours to use when designing a house and its interior?
I sometimes notice a trend when I’m putting up wallpaper, etc, for soft natural caramel colours, so you would probably say earth tones actually. Autumnal colours such as orange, brown, greens, and purples are a staple I think.

What is your favourite Sims 2 download site/creator?
Oh, I have lots. I love and enjoy all the magnificent creators out there, and my goodness there are many! My most visited sites are MTS2, Insim, Holy Simoly, Sims2Play, etc. I truly appreciate all the effort that free creators put into their creations, a carefully crafted and textured object shows a real love for the game, and that is so special.

When did you start to get really into the Sims 2?
I used to play Sims 1, so I've just played since it came out!

What is your favourite aspect of the game (building/decorating/playing families)?
Building & decorating mostly, but recently I have become interested in building a dynamic neighbourhood, and have been giving that a go and I have to say, it's pretty fun!

What is the main design theme of the neighbourhood you’re playing at the moment?
Well it started off traditional, with some fairly Georgian looking townhouses, but has somehow developed into a more modern town, with a variety of different styles: ultra modern, beach shacks, converted firehouses, etc. I even have a gypsy living on the outskirts of town in her caravan. I like to keep it diverse; too much of the same thing is boring!

What is the first room you tend to start on when designing a house?
Probably the living room. I think the living room is truly the heart of the home (kitchen is a very close second!) and it’s where families spend most of their time.

Looking at your pictures, I can see you like to make gardens too, do you prefer to furnish or landscape?
Well to be honest, landscaping is often an afterthought... When I'm finished with the house, I look over it all and realise that it’s just plonked down there on a lot and looks stupid, so it’s only then when I think oh... I should really take care of that. Having gardens helps blend 'hood deco (trees etc) and lots, so a nice lush garden has become more important than it used to (for me).

Being the head of advertising, it is your job to create appealing ads for the magazine, how do you incorporate your buildings and sets with your advertisements, do the buildings and sets have an important part in them, or are they simply used as backdrops ?
Well first, I have to say, I'm not the only one to create ads for the magazine. We have a number of people creating wonderful ads and I am so grateful for their efforts. That said all the ads that I have personally made feature lots or Sims that are present in my dynamic neighbourhood. It’s probably out of laziness to be honest, but I figure if I'm going to make these places (like the Zen Spa, or the Community Baths that housed the pool used in the maxis pool ad last issue, for example) why not let my Sims use them! I like to build and furnish and advertise these things that are actually useable, nothing irks me more than a totally unusable set. It’s a nightmare for trying to get Sims to pose right! Though, I will also resort to using posing hacks like decorgals pose box and other such cheats to get Sims to play nice! My job would be much more difficult if it were not for these sweet hacks.

How long does it take you usually to completely finish building, decorating and landscaping a house?
I've never really thought of it. It just takes however long it takes. I'd say at a guess.... probably a couple of hours? Maybe up to 4?

When creating a set for an advertisement, what are the main things to keep in mind?
Realism & Usability - ie. that Sims could actually use it. I like to include sims in a lot of my ads, because it reminds us that it is still a game!;
Composition - I need it to be as visually appealing as it can, so I use things such as the rule of thirds etc to compose sets;
Quality: Using good textured objects - so important. I like to have my scene looking as good as possible straight out of the game so that it requires minimal work outside of it;
Don't overdo it: K.I.S.S - there is no need to clutter an ad with too much stuff. K.I.S.S stands for 'Keep It Simple, Stupid!' and I keep it in mind ALL the time. In Sims and in real life!
Unnecessary clutter kills a room for me usually (not to say that SOME clutter isn't great, but you know what I mean). Simplicity is always best, and usually LOOKS best too.
Lighting - lighting can really set a mood, or kill it. Lighting can make a room cosy, or it can make a room stark and sterile. I try to light rooms appropriately and use different coloured lights etc. It seems to work out quite well.

Which photo-editing program do you use to edit your pictures and what tools do you use to improve them?
My main tool is Photoshop CS3 to edit pictures, and Illustrator CS3 to add stuff like custom text or flourishes or whatever. I hate over-photoshopped pictures; I prefer to keep my ads and photos looking like they actually came out of the game. All that is usually required (unless it’s for something special in an ad or whatever) is a light sharpen (very light, people have a tendency to go crazy with the sharpening and it irks me so...) and an equally slight levels adjustment. There is a feature in the new CS3 - 'Black and White' - which lets you adjust the black and white conversion of an image, and I like to adjust my levels using a black and white adjustment layer over the main image with the layer set to 'soft light' and adjust the opacity of the layer to suit. I find it really brings out the highs and lows (dark areas and light areas) in an image. </nerd speak>. I am a graphic designer IRL, so my Photoshop skills are - without blowing my own trumpet or anything - pretty good, I'd say. Photoshopping can make or break an image, so I find a light touch to be preferable. You can always add, it is hard to take away! Remember, K.I.S.S!!!


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Chef editor Photographer graphic design  Sims 3 I try to use British spelling
My blog and my Sims site
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