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931  Magazine Talk & General Chatter / Sims 2 Chat / Re: Sims 2 Apartment Life on: June 08, 2008, 08:25:41 am
Inteen... They will not update any more? Oh that is bad news Sad

932  Start here / Staff Profiles / Re: Hi, I'm Sabrina on: June 07, 2008, 04:32:11 am
Oh that dinner in the garden picture is amazing! It look so real! Good work with the set as well Wink
933  Start here / Staff Profiles / MacTheKat - the editor on: June 06, 2008, 05:06:36 pm
I am from Denmark in Scandinavia, where I live with my boyfriend. I am a history student and a former graphic design student.

I am the chef editor and I pretty much try to organise everything then we put the magazine together. I have a fantatic staff that make everything a lot easier for me. I also write articles (mostly how-to's), take pictures and do a few ads. I got the idea to the magazine from a decorating contest I was in. We had to make a cover for an interior design magazine. I thought it turned out so great, it was the cover of issue 1, that I had to see if I could fill the inside of it.

I pretty much enjoy everything about the game. I love to decorate but I also play the actual game play a lot. I skin and do recolours for my own site, Pink Rabbit. I do build some but I am not very creative with it and I think it is kind of tiresome. I do have the greatest respect for those who do take the time to put effort into building sims houses.

I played the sims since sims 1 came out and before that I played games like Settlers and sim city. I love simulator kind of games. I joined the community at some point after sims 2 come out... I did download a lot for sims 1, but then sims 2 came out it was so mind blowing - so I really look forward to sims 3!

My favourite colour is green (hint the forum colours) and I really can't stand Salmon (the colour - love the fish).

I normally work in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
934  Magazine Talk & General Chatter / Community updates / Re: Open Decorating / Building Contests on: June 05, 2008, 09:37:27 am
"You've all seen it. The trashed or grunge rooms. Books everywhere, toppled bottles, ratty furniture, boarded windows. It's terrible! Yet it looks so good."
Deadline: June 19th @ 9 PM (PST)


Match This
This contest will feature a different client each cycle who brings you a picture of a room, garden, landscape, etc. and asks that you recreate it for them.
Deadline: 27/6
935  Start here / The Forum / Minor problems (topics don't show up) on: June 05, 2008, 07:57:47 am
We have problem with new topics that don't show up just after they are created. Give it 5 min. or so and the topic will show up - we are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you spot other things acting strangely - please report it and we will look into it
936  Start here / Introduce Yourself / Intro Questions - Read before posting an introduction on: June 05, 2008, 07:54:07 am
- What part of the world are you from?
- What is your favourite colour?
- What do you enjoy most about the sims?
- How long have you played sims?
- What is your favourite Section of Magazine?
- Are you a creator for the sims? We would love to see your stuff if you are
- What is your favourite site to download build/buy mode stuff from?
- How did you find the forum?

Show us a few of your favourite sims pictures
937  Magazine Talk & General Chatter / Affiliates / Become a partner site (updated 13/11 2008) on: June 05, 2008, 07:46:52 am
If you want us to link to you on the front page, then please link back to us as well with the following link:

Our banner

<a href="">
<img border="0" src=""></a>

Post your mini-banner and a link to your site. I will check it out and if we want to be partners with your site, then a link will show up on the front page soonish
938  Start here / The Forum / Questions - FAQ on: June 05, 2008, 04:50:57 am
Ask all your questions about the forum here. No questions are silly
939  Start here / Introduce Yourself / Figure out your timezone on: June 05, 2008, 04:45:06 am
Sometimes on this board it is impotent to know your time zone in relation to GMT, if you don't know what time zone your are in, then please follow this link and it will let you:

The first line tells you what time it is where you are and after the slash is your time zone written

/ GMT +/- XX:00
940  Magazine Talk & General Chatter / The Magazine / Permission List on: June 05, 2008, 03:03:36 am
We always need more pictures for the magazine, and we would like to use yours. If we may use your pictures in the magazine (with credit to you), then please post in this topic


current list Updated 7/4 - 2009
GOS: Garden of Shadows
LM - Living.etc magazine forum
RSF: Reflex Sims Forum
SV: simvention
S2C: the Sims 2 community
SCF: Sims Contest Forum
SC: sims cave
SL: LivingSims magazine
MTS2/MTS: modthesims
OSF: The official sims forums

adalita_m @ RSF
airforcegirl @ LSF
Alleliua @SC
amora_selvagen - S2C
ANNA @ RSF - album
AnnoSims - All pictures:
An_na @ S2C - album
Annabelle-S @ flickr
Ankuuh @ LM
Arigata @ SCF
Asante @ OSF
ashleydoom @ RSF
athena/poinsetta @ PVP - album

Babolat85 @ S2C
Beddog @ SC
blh123 @ SV
blueforred @ S2C
bree2kool8 @ S2C
brilliantcat @ S2C
BusterBrown @ SV
Butterflykiss @ SCF

Chessa @ S2C
CiaoAlora @ S2C
Cinamun @ S2C
cari4003 @ SV + SL
cloudburst666 @ S2C

DaniCast @ SV
Dante @ SL - album
darkside266 @ OSF
David @ SL - album
declandabest @ S2C
Deluxe Designs @ MTS2
didadragonfly @ RSF
dlisted @ S2C
Dinki @ SV
DiscoNinja @ SC
Doram @ RSF

EarthGoddess54 @ Natural Sims
E.CA @ S2C
eedgan @ S2C
elementsofstyle @ SC
Eloissa @ MTS2
erebillot @ RSF

Fantasyrogue @ GOS
Figaro_Black @ RSF
Ferris @ SC

gethane @ SV
Ghanima Atreides @ GOS
GiveTheNineARide @ MTS2
GoldenSimmer @ RSF - album
greeneyedsims @ Sl
Grito @ Gritos Blog, SC, and anywhere she posts...

hollyxann @ RSF
humblebumble @ SC - album
Hunii @ RSF

Indigo @ SCF
infinity @SV

JenW @ GOS
JHD1189 @ S2C
Jonesi @ RSF

Karmatss @ SL - album
katija @ RSF
kriselt @ LS

lanendragon @ LM
liegenschonheit @ GOS
lilgornie @ SV
lilsweetiecori @ MTS
LitenTjej @ SL
Lilymayrose @ Simcastic Designs
lkevelvet @ SL
Lourdes @ SC
LpVinyl @S2C, RSF

m501 @ RSF – please pm me
Magenta @ SC - albums
mangnoliae @ S2C
Martine @ MTS
maya @ RSF - album
Meandmyself @ GOS
Medinaquirin @ GOS
MeestorMark @ OSF
MerryWiddow @ OSF
MikZino @ RSF
mindstrip @ LSF - Album
Minena @ SV
MissCurious @ SC
mocha0030 @ S2C
moononsun @ Sims Crossing

Nohan @ Sims Crossing
Nth @ GOS
nikki / lkevelvet album
Nissun_ @ S2C
nixy @ SC
nyane24 @ S2C

patches @ Sim Cave
Pavs @ SC
Peppermint kiss kiss @ flickr
pikkonoloidlee @ RSF albums

Rabid @ S2C
ralph_gen @ SC / Velos @ SL
Romyhorse @ S2C
Rosehill9991 @ MTS2

SabrinaSims @ RSF
SamLee @ LSF - album
Sandpaper Kisses @ flickr
seren @ S2C
SharnaPax @ S2C
shery00 @ S2C
shinie - album
silmamuna @S2C
simfanatic3 @ RSF
Snookumboo @ mts
squall @ simscave.
stephieboo_x @ S2C
StupidityKills @ S2C
sudoku @ SL -  album
sweetshiver @ S2C

tara1975 @ RSF
terri7936 @ RSF
tellemonstar @ RSF
Tenielle @ MTS
themalle @ SC
TingTong @ S2C / Eduardo @ SV
tram pam pam @ SL
treejen @ S2C
Treowe - album
trickortreat @ LSF - website

ulmille @ MTS2
umikagami @ album
untidyfan - album
Urbanique @ mts

vickis75@LM, SC and Sim~Antics - album + rsf album

wens - album

XoXFashion_victimXoX @ S2C

ytessa @ LSF

zkorie @ SC + SL
941  Start here / Forum Rules / The Pillory on: June 05, 2008, 02:01:47 am

If you don't want to end up here, then you better obey the forum rule

942  Start here / Forum Rules / Basic Rules on: June 05, 2008, 01:51:19 am
These are the rules of the board. There are not many, but follow them or you might find yourself in the pillory!

The moderators will edit, lock or delete any post or topic that is against the rules or that has turned into pointless drama.

The Basic rules:
1) So no swearing, no biting, no kicking, no drugs, no sex and play nice!
2) Always be polite. And write as good English as you can, so please no Leed speak please
3) Always link back to the original creator, even if you do not agree on their sharing policy.
4) Keep pictures 700 pixels wide or smaller (with a resolution no higher then 100 ppi). Here is a tutorial on how to post pictures on the forum
5) Do not claim other people's work as your own. If you do see anyone doing this, please report it!
6) No hot-linking: Upload pictures to your own host or a image hosting service
7) Read the stickys in the different sections and try to your self with the idea and rules of that section.
8') Just ask...

If you think something is against the rules, please report it
943  Magazine Talk & General Chatter / Sims 2 Chat / Re: Sims 2 Apartment Life on: June 04, 2008, 05:55:29 pm
And magic, and spiral stairs, an nosy people next door... and STUFF
944  Start here / Staff Profiles / Intro Questions on: June 04, 2008, 05:54:18 pm
Where are you from,
What do you do on the magazine,
What is your favorite feature in the game is/what do you do most with it (like, building, decorating, playing etc)
When did you first start playing the sims 2?
What is your favourite colour?
What picture editing program do you normally use?
945  Start here / The Forum / We are open now! on: June 04, 2008, 05:26:20 pm
We are not open yet, but we will be soon.

The site opens for the public the 14th, 13:00 GMT

We have open now, feel free to join!

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