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Title: Rules: Challenges
Post by: macthekat on September 05, 2009, 11:01:06 am
Welcome to the magazine challenge workshop section, we all would like to be better decorators/builders in some way and the only way to do that is with practice, which is why we have this section of quick challenges that are meant to test your skills and push you to be a better decorator and builder. So join or start one today, you might just learn something new. Challenge host are allowed to join their own challenges and may offer a participation prize if they wish. We also encourage readers to give feedback and constructive criticism.

These are the general for all challenges. These are minimum rules most challenges has more rules then this:

  • Because the best of each challenge are often featured in the magazine it is important that all images remain "clean" that is to say they may not include: Picture in picture, text, borders, big light effects, flowers, bunnies etc.
  • If nothing else is stated you may enter any challenge up to 3 times. You always post different entries in a new post.
  • Be nice and follow forum rules. The include that pictures may be no more then 700 pixels wide
  • You are allowed to post in any topic that you can post in and we would like you to put in your 50 cent if you think you have something to add.
  • You are very welcome to enter any open contest - the magazine contests are open for all members of the forum - they are not staff only
  • You may enter any challenge with sims 2 or sims 3 pictures
  • If nothing else is stated there is a max of 10 pictures per entry. But you may link to an album with more pictures

To the hosts
  • Challenges get closed if they have not been active in 30 days. That is to say if nobody have posted in them
  • All of the rank "readers" or higher are allowed to host their own contest or challenge - just make sure to read the stickies.
  • Make sure that your challenge can be completed both in sims 2 and sims 3
  • Read more about hosting a challenge here (,145.msg690.html#msg690)