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Title: Advertisement
Post by: macthekat on July 09, 2009, 10:37:00 am
Do you want to see your creations advertised in LivingSim magazine?
Then this is your chance!

We are opening for you readers to send us advertisements and if they are up to our standards we will run them! You can send us your picture, slogan and logo and we will put the ad together, or you can send us your finished ad. You can advertise a single set, item or your whole site, that is up to you.

Good picture quality
Pictures should be at least 670 pixels high
We need a logo
We also need some text for the ad - we may alter this slightly in the finished ad
Remember to include a link to your site/sub-site
At least 80 % of the content on your site/sub-site has to be free, so it is ok to have a few donation items, but no more then around 20 % of your content may be pay.
You do not have to have a website your self, you can advertise your creations on a bigger site.
If you want to make an ad for something that isn't your creation, contact the creator and get their written permission to advertise their stuff.

Advertisement sizes:
page: 250 x 670 pixels
1 page: 500 x 670 pixels
2 page: 1000 x 670 pixels

What do I do?
Then you got the material for your ad, then open up a new topic in this section and we will take a look at it and put an ad together. If the ad are up to standard we will run the ad in the first upcoming issue after we got everything. Sites that have not been advertised before have priority over sites that has been advertised before.