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Title: Rules [please read before posting]
Post by: macthekat on June 05, 2009, 11:58:34 am
Welcome to the Finds board!

Everyone is welcome to post in this section but please keep a few things in mind:

 - Make sure you've read the Basic Rules (,10.0.html) before posting any goodies.

 - Always provide a picture - but don't hotlink the pictures - and keep the link as specific as possible please.
If you can't direct link to the page where the download is located, provide some additional information to your link:
For example:
(  -> objects -> page 51

 - Do NOT hotlink!
Postings that contain hotlinked pictures will be removed without comment as soon as we find them!
Upload the picture to your Photobucket album or another free picture hosting like
Here is a tutorial  (,99.0.html)on how to do this as easily as possible

 - Please make sure to post the find under the correct category.